"Fox News heavies Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck bite back after White House dig – Daily News."   Your journalistic bylines and citations will not stop the Internet from trying to contact right-wing pundits on your blog.
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bill i watch your show every day and i like what you have to say to people, as far as i am concern your a yust and honest person you tell it as it is, without concernto what people say about you.
i have a heavy complaint about wells fargo bank, i have a credit card w/them for the last 3 yr i have been paying them religiously for the past 2 yrs without missing a beet , the monthly payment tht i am supposed to pay monthly is about $30.00 dollars A MONTH and i send $86.00 a month almost thripple the amount that i am supposed to pay.
they are charging me 20.99 % every month, and the other i called to reduced my rate to a lowered rate i have discuused with them 3 o 4 times to no avail.
finally i wrote a letter to headquarters and the response that they gave me was that because of adversed credit and b/k that i had filed 2 yrs ago they denied my request.
now i did not give them permission to pull my credit report , but my concern is tha if i did not take them down on my b/k what has my past credit have to do with anything if i have been paying them relegiously.
thankmr. OREYLY here is hoping that you give me an answer as nsoon as possible to my problem to see if i can get this rate reduced .
yours i remain
miguel [REDACTED]
818-[REDACTED] cell
818-[REDACTED] home
818-[REDACTED] fax
[REDACTED]@live .com e-mail

Beyond the usual tragedy of Internet illiteracy and inappropriate disclosure of personally identifying information, the irony of a Latino man from Southern California trying to get Bill O’Reilly to reduce a 20.99% interest rate for him is positively painful.

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