"The Ellen DeGeneres Giveaway at"   Yet another SEO news scraper site becomes the final resting place of comments to celebrities, trapped like giant sloths in the tar pits of the Internet.
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Hey Ellen,
I have watched you for years, and I am always cheered up when your on. I admire you so much for bringing your life struggles out to the public. I myself, am a transgendered male, 55 years old and finally feel good about myself. I just got this, my first computer, and am teaching myself how to use it. You waited till recently to learn some of this new technologies so I decided to give it a shot. It’s never too late! If your cash machine is ever near Leesburg Fl., I would love to play. Your friend forever,Ty

We hear from so many (apparently straight) older women and younger children on this site that I found the comment from a trans man striking (I’m not looking to make anyone look like a freak here, just trying to round out my diversity picture). Sadly, the “I just got this computer, look how I’m doing!” song is disappointingly familiar.

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