"What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?."   asks blogger Simon Kapenda, but international commenters don't care. She just makes them so happy...
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Hi Ellen

I just want to say “Thank you so much” for all the wonderful things you do and all the love you give to people!!

2009, has been the WORST YEAR in my Life, but I sit and watch your show almost every day, and just cry. To think there are still people in this world that do so much good for others!!!

We immegrated from South Africa to Australia in 2007 as there were Land Claims on our Farms, so there was no future for our children as far as farming is concerned, life is not easy here, specially us South African’s being so spoilt.

My most adorable father (my Hero) took ill in January 2009, it broke my heart not being there all the time for him, he sadly passed away on the 23 July 2009, 1 and half weeks of being back in Australia my father in law had a massive heart attack, so back we went to South Africa to go and support him. Thank goodness God was good to us and the Drs pulled him through.

Just being back again 2 weeks, my daughters father in law passed away from a massive heart attack. The sad thing is they had just had a Baby Boy (Pieter) and named him after Grandpa, who fortunately saw him just after birth, but they were going to spend Christmas with them in South Africa so that they could get to know Pieter better.

My Son and his wife were expecting their 2nd Baby, but she miss carried at 8 weeks, which was traumatic for all of us!!!

But the wonderful thing is Ellen, when I sit and watch your show, and hear the people appauld you, and you give it back to them, it feels as if your energy comes to me as well!!! I love the way you dance and how you chuckle!!! I am no celeb, but it would be the biggest priviledge to be able to be and see you life!!!! So how about taking a trip to Perth Australia, so that I can just shake your hand and thank you for bringing some much JOY into my life every day!!!!!

God Bless you and once again thank you.

Fondest Regards
Celia [redacted]

The blogger is African; the post itself says nothing about Africa; yet a relatively high percentage of the commenters say they are from Africa. Is Google or some other search engine serving them mostly African results? Would this be what they want if they’re really trying to contact Ellen? This makes me wonder again whether people may not just be using these blogs as a form of apostrophe, like prayer.


  1. I am the author of the blog in question. I want to thank you for making your research primarily focused on my blog; Having said that, you may want to make it clear to your readers, that yes, I was born in Namibia (Africa), but I’m an American, a Namibian American, and I have been living in America for nearly 20 years. My blog is not published in Africa, nor it’s hosted by a server based in Africa. My blog in question is about the American Idol, not African Idol, thus it doesn’t have to say anything about Africa. The people who posted comments to the blog in questions are fans of Ellen, and they can reside anywhere in the world, they have the right to be fans of Ellen.

    Comment by Simon Kapenda — April 26, 2010 @ 8:37 am

  2. great post as usual!

    Comment by MarkSpizer — May 2, 2010 @ 11:52 pm

  3. Thanks for getting back to me, Simon! I appreciate the clarification. This is just another indication that it’s often hard to tell from people’s “about” pages who they are and where they are from (I tried to do due diligence in straightening out your details, but clearly I got it wrong).

    My comments about Africa did not mean to say that you *should* have said something about Africa, but rather that *without* saying something about Africa, your blog still ranked very highly to people in Africa who were searching for Ellen Degeneres. This is part of my ongoing project — which is also the project of search engine optimizers and other interested parties — to “black box” or guess how search engines work. Their real workings are jealously guarded by search engine companies, so it is hard for everyday citizens to know for sure. I think the fact that this information is hidden from people makes it hard for us to understand where we are, and how to accomplish what we want, on the Internet.

    Hence my concern that people who really seem to be looking to *speak* to Ellen are being given web search results which don’t really help that goal: Your page is interesting information about Ellen, but, I assume, cannot give people direct contact. I am left wondering whether they know they are not in contact, but write as if they are anyway — a kind of writing which feels like a kind of prayer.

    And of course people all over the world have the right to be fans of Ellen! I was pleased to see she has fans in Africa — I did not know her show aired there. This is an interesting piece of information for me, as I am always interested to know what kinds of media people all over the world are being exposed to. It helps me understand what is helping shape people’s worldview.

    Comment by Gus Andrews — May 8, 2010 @ 7:53 am

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