"Dear Alan Iverson."  
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i am your biggest fan from bosnia i live in the biggest motherfucker ghetto that you can imagine,everything that i got is street basket and you are my inspiration.

I always enjoy threads where people try to contact athletes, as more men tend to show off their Internet illiteracy skills, balancing out what is usually a pretty frightening gender divide.

Definitely more worth checking out on this thread; look for the girl who tells Alan he’s got two moms, racism, international comments, people showing off their degrees to show how smart they are (BA HONS SPORT SCIENCE), and everyone but everyone bashing the blogger: “I dont know who the fuck this Maurice guy thinks he is ummm lets see is he a pro basketball player umm NO… Was he number 3 on BET’s top 25 hottest black men of 2005….umm NO!! again.”

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