"Facebook Login Fiasco Demonstrates Challenge in Competing with Google."   The tragedy of the ReadWriteWeb Facebook login fiasco appears to continue to spread across the Internet. No linked pages are spared.
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No one should have to work so hard to find their friends!! YOU’VE cracked the very foudation of Facebook…FRIENDS!!!

OK, fine, maybe that one’s a ringer. Here’s my runner up:

“Geez facedook was fine the way it was why do you always have to kill a good thing now how the heck do i log into this mess”

I thought “faceback” was my favorite misspelling, but oh, man. Facedook.

I should explain that one of my grad school classmates came out of the (doctoral!) certification exam, which had the words “Facebook” and “Second Life” in the question, asking our colleagues “Guys? What’s Second Face?” Ever since, we’ve rushed to do WhoIs searches on all neologisms invented this way to see if they’ve been bought yet. Sadly, I think SecondFace, MyTube, Facelife, TubeSpace, etc. are all taken. Not sure about “the FaceySpaces,” which is how one of my friends describes them, usually in a lead-up to “you kids get off my lawn.”

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