"Knock First."   So it turns out that there's more than one Wikipedia talk page where people have tried to contact celebrities or TV shows...
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Hi my name is crystal. i would like to have my room made over because my room is never organized at all every thing is mainly like all over the place. I am in a couple of sports basketball, and softball as well and i enjoy them both. What can i say about my self i am mostly quiet unless i know you then i can be very out going and loud. I love to write poems. i would like to turn my room into a more grown up room. so there is not kiddy stuff any more, except for my care bears i can not live with out my care bears. And shane West i am a huge fan of his my dream in life is to meet him personaly. When i moved into the basement my parents made my room and all it is about is them and nothing to do about me at all. Yes i do have a boy friend we have been dating for a while now and we are vary happy with each other. i want to also make my room look a little more romantic as well. samantha, and crystal are like my two best friends . And i could never live with out my cat lucky she is like a person to me. i know i probably sound like a dork but you cna ask any of my friends i need a new room just to chill and also my boy friend will agree wiht you also. And i will be a senior this year and after i graduate i am goign to college and i am so exciting to be graduating.well i hope this helps yousincerly yours,crystal

Thanks to reader Codeman38 for pointing this one out.

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