"New Barbie Dolls to Interact With Virtual World?."   Developers and users come together to discuss news about virtual worlds, in this case a bubbly preview of Mattel's Barbie Girls site. This is quickly mistaken for a technical assistance page when Barbie Girls launches.
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every time my daughter puts her doll in an error message comes up saying adobe flash player 9 will run slowly and effect something or another i click no and it wont download her doll to play i click yes and the computer goes nuts i paid 70.00 for a doll she cant play i see law suite on my hands since im a lawyer fix the problem please

What absolutely kills me is that Prokofy Neva, bĂȘte noire of Second Life, commented on this post earlier than this commenter. As if she was excited about a Barbie world, even. And yet, she did not see fit to return and flame this hapless wanderer to a blackened crisp.

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