"Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login."   Finally, Web 2.0 interconnectedness comes back to bite blogs in the bum. Technological confusion: It's not just for AOL users anymore.
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I truly love Faceback. I am able to talk to more then one person.

With the catastrophe over at ReadWriteWeb, it’s time to start posting here again, albeit belatedly. I blame my dissertation, which is almost finished, for my sluggish response to what is clearly an epic gumbaby. Dissertation dissertation dissertation. Not, mind you, that I haven’t had time to develop a whole new project about mistaken identity. (Please do not friend that account.)

Thanks to about a dozen of my friends and faithful readers who made sure I saw the thread. If anyone has tips for easily capturing (i.e., not by hand) all those comments on RWW or for capturing info from the FB pages of those participating in that thread, I would be hugely appreciative, as I don’t have time to coddle the data out right now but would love to capture it while it is still fresh.

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks; there will be more to come. Obviously the quote above had competition, but I just love “faceback.” It seems to have soaked up some sort of regional dialect, and “more than one person” further cements that it’s more or less Coach Z’s accent. (“More than two praablems?!”)

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