"Maths/accounting help needed."   Blogger Tiara seeks accounting help. So do a number of commenters.
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i want to lean maths and accounting becuse is part of me,

hey dar! long time no see, but I happened back over a link by fellow traveler Tiara the other day and dug deeper, and found this quote which made me LOL. And actually, it’s one of those examples which is illuminative of one of the points I’m making in my dissertation: Indexicality (or really, deixis) in these comment threads is completely screwed up. The comments on this particular thread make it clear that search engines are implicated: The commenter probably searched for something similar to the post’s title: “Maths/accounting help needed” — and the search engine couldn’t do any calculation to determine that both the commenter and the blogger meant to say “*I* need accounting help.” Putting together two people in the same situation wasn’t exactly productive; what was needed was to find someone who was saying “YOU need maths/accounting help — WE provide it.”

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