"I asked David Shuster to investgate waste in Connecticut.."   The title is a Twitter post; the blogger posts some terse and disorganized notes about his request to an investigative journalist, bringing on the inevitable caps lock problems among commenters.
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David I watch your show every day i love it when you set republicans straitwhen they quote our president wrong.I am so tired of there tired message no and tax breaks.They had it for 8 year and it didn’t work and it’s time for something new.Our president seems to be on the right track. lETS GIVE HIM A CHANCE.i HOPE YOU NEVER HAVE tOM dElAY AS YOUR GUEST.mR mATTHEW HAD HIM ON HIS SHOW HE WAS PART OF OUR PROBLEM NOW. hE WAS A CROOK AND NEVER SHOULD BE PROPED UP HE JUST NOT WORTH OUR TIME. gOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SHOW I ENJOY WATCHING YOU ARE ONE OH THE HONEST REPORTER.

Contrary to the comments from regular blog readers in my dissertation corpus, it is NOT just Southern Republicans whose comments on blogs are misguided. This is your proof.

Another interesting first: This is a response to a Twitter which was funnelled into a blog feed.

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