"Yay Me Staring (sic) London Tipton.Com."   The blogger describes the site thusly: "TechBanyan... is my endeavor dedicated to profiling Current Affairs and Popular Trends in United States of America. This site intends to keep a finger on the pulse of the nation and whats driving it any given season." A second-grader checks in on what's driving the pulse of the nation from her mom's room.
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Dear London Tipton,I love your web show so much!!! I am wicked sick!!!I have two dogs named Shorty ad Pugsley.I am in my moms room right now.My mom is tacking a nap on the coutch right now.My brothers Angelo and Joshua are at school right now.Angelo is in 5th Grade and Joshua is in 3rd Grade.Angelo is in Mrs.Browers class and Joshua is in Mrs.blaras class.I am in 2nd teachers name is Linda [redacted].

I identify so much with the stream-of-consciousness, enumerating-my-facts narrative here — this would totally have been me at that age. Although mom probably ought to wake up and stop this seven-year-old tot from her Internet rampage.

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