Thought I’d share a phone call I got on Friday, as the conversation was so similar to the comments I usually post here, and it all started the same place — right here on the Internet.

male caller, 765 area code: *garbled*

me: I’m sorry?

caller: I’m calling about the 1995 Chrysler Sebring? Do you still have that?

me: (pauses, stunned) I sold that car in — no, I TOTALLED that car in 2003!

caller: Well, is it still for sale?

me: No, I TOTALLED it.

caller: Well, it was up on the Internet.

me: Honey, a lot of things are up on the Internet.

caller: Well, how much were you selling it for?

me: Mind you, this was in 2003!

caller: How much?

me: God, I don’t know, five thousand dollars?

caller: OK, thanks.

me: Wait, could you tell me where you’re calling from?

caller: An–Anderson.

me: (O.o) And where is that?

caller: Anderson, Indiana.

me: Indiana. Great, thanks!

I don’t know where that ad is up on the Internet at this point. It might be up on some really terrible car classifieds site which never culls its dead ads. Sadly, it’s more likely that it’s up on my own site someplace. May be hard to take down due to some weird old server issues. It’s not dated, so this is at least partly my fault. I don’t think that guy knew he was calling New York City, though.

Wherever it is, I think I’ll leave it up there a while, and see how many more calls like this I get over the years.

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  1. This appears to be confirmation that it is, in fact, my fault that this guy called me:

    Comment by Gus Andrews — June 22, 2009 @ 9:22 am

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