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Regular readers may note that I’ve let the Gumbaby blog go dark over the past few months. This is for two reasons. One, I need to work harder on producing the dissertation that’s coming out of this data. Two, I started to scrape the bottom of the barrel; most of the gumbabies I was finding were fan letters to celebrities (particularly Miley Cyrus. *sigh*) These mostly tend to be from very young kids, whose ignorance of the Internet makes a certain amount of sense, so it doesn’t make for that shiver of weirdness that surrounds so many gumbabies. The comments also get pretty tedious over time, which is actually one of the reasons they’re so easy to find; if you do a search for “your biggest fan” with some moderators to remove song lyrics, you find plenty of letters to Miley Cyrus. Or her fictional character, Hannah Montana. Anyway, I may revive regular posting in the future when I have more time.

But! I have also discovered Many Eyes, so I do have some more neat visualizations of the data for you.

These and the rest of my visualizations can be found on my Many Eyes page.

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