"Incredible story of the rescue of Jessica Lynch."   A blogger links to a story about the capture of Jessica Lynch, thereby earning himself the best wishes America had for the injured Army private.
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The very best of everything for you.  You are a very brave and courageous young lady.  I am retired after 30 years Army service and during that time I met many brave and courageous young men and women.  Your dedication to Duty, Honor and Country place you head and shoulders above the rest.  I sincerely hope you fully recover from your horrible wounds, both physical and mental, and go on with your dream to be a school teacher.  I would be proud to stand beside you in uniform, in any situation.  Gary Owen!

The irony being, of course, that the actual story of Jessica Lynch’s capture and rescue is muddy, and may have been inflated by the US government and media.

Also, I have no idea why the poster wrote “Gary Owen!” at the end of the post. The name and email he provided in the requisite fields (well, some of the requisite fields — his email shows up in the URL slot. *sigh*) are completely different.

Gary Owen! Yeah, maybe that’s my new catch phrase.

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