"instantET: The "Entertainment Tonight" TV."   TV show Entertainment Tonight launches a Windows widget; blogger comments; a trillion commenters take the opportunity to complain about how they don't like ET but can't find an email address for the show. And one Canadian voices some international relations gripes, hoping that ET can smooth over tensions.
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Today there was a school shooting in Montreal, Quebec. Up here in Canada the radio and news are covering the event. So far 2 people have died. I’m writing on this board because CNN only had information on their website but they continue to ignore the incident. Not once did they mention it on tv.

I find this a disgrace and this is a prime example as to why some Canadians feel like Americans ignore us in critical times. Just last week Canadians were killed by friendly fire by Americans and we forgive you. It’s no one’s fault. But then something like this happens and it just makes us feel like you don’t care.

SO…this is a great opportunity for someone like ET to step up and show some class. Report on this issue and people who don’t normally watch ET will. It’ll show you have a lot more layers than just being a celebrity gossip show.

And if you don’t find that Important enough…here’s some gossip:

Ontario has a no-smoking indoors policy and it’s been made law now. SO far, everyone has been okay with it. Smokers just wait and smoke outside. HOwever, during the TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL this rule has been broken. And who broke it? None other than SEAN PENN.

It may seem like a silly rule to you but to me, a person who’s sister had cancer twice, I know how serious something like this is. THere’s an overwhelming amount of research saying that second hand smoke kills. Even a few exposures causes damage. So when I hear that SEAN PENN has broken the law (even for smoking) and more so, he’s not been charged, it makes me sick. i DON’T care if he’s a celebrity, rich or famous. He broke the law and should be charged.

I’m so sick and tired of people feeling ‘sorry’ for celebrities or treating them like gods. They’re not above the law.

This is one of those posts where the blogger’s interjected comments are even funnier than the comments he’s reacting to, so it’s well worth browsing the thread. (I did remove his comments from the post above, fyi, for the sake of maintaining style.)

And, Really? Entertainment Tonight reporting on school shootings? And this will help Canadians feel better about the US? Clearly this gal has not read the rest of the comments indicating how people feel about ET coverage.

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