"Dean Kamen Profile."   Before Dean Kamen's secret transportation project had been revealed as the Segway, web design consultant and writer Neil Bruce Lee profiled the inventor.
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Attn: Dean Kaman
Do you travel to universities and speak to student populations? I have followed your work for several years and would really like to have more of a dialogue with you for public relations as I work at a university in Springfield, MO. Students here could really benefit from the motivation and direction you could offer.

What do you think. Please advise.

Some concern that because the commenter’s name is Ginger — the codename for the Segway before it was revealed to the public — this is actually a cleverly disguised fake comment. However, it’s relatively early in the comment thread, the author does not seem to be playing up the stupidity of a particular group of commenters for effect, and a cursory search of the web indicates there is in fact someone going by the full name of the commenter who went to a university in that town.

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