"How we work: Oscar Niemeyer, architect."   An ongoing series on work practices garners even more attention from people who think they can reach famous people through articles about them.
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Hi All,

This is my first blog… I am an Art + Drama teacher at a school in Nottingham.
I have been asked to research an art project for a Brazil theme week with the year 7 group ( 11-12 year olds).
I am enormously impressed by the work of Oscar Niemeyer and think that his work and ideals would be exciting and inspiring for my youngsters. Does anyone know if I can email his office to show the children’s work to the team, or to shout hello from 170 children to the great Oscar?

Thanks Lindsey [redacted]


"Friendly Ice Cream Corporation Corporate Office."   On a linkfarm page as barren as the Siberian steppe, Friendly's customers pour their hearts out about those great human themes: ice cream and customer service.
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In the ice cream cakes could Friendly’s Find why there’s a reduction on cookies in the center,it slants down on both sides before it’s reachs the edge…


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