"Bro Eddie's Chance."   Even Philippino televangelists get the (gumbaby) blues. A Pinoy blogger voices his support for a candidate, and commenters mistake the messenger for the message.
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myself, family and my group are all for you bro. eddie

"Free Credit Report?."   "Don't believe what you hear on television - even with the catchy “Free Credit Report dot-com” jingle. That's the last place you wanna visit for a credit report," writes the blogger. So someone who fell for the scam wants him to cancel an account she claims she never signed up for.
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your company took money from my account with out my permission i have never even heard of this company and i will be filling charges agenst your compan for my money. please respond because this is a serious matter.thank you


"Avril Lavigne Looks Drag."   Advice for Avril Lavigne left on a style site criticizing the singer.
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your nothing but a lil try hard skank

f you want people want to like you den my advice would be to go back to those old days when you were a tom boi coz i have personally heard better comments about then than what i have now days and you dont need that much make up on

"Internet Explorer 8 To Include 'Stealth' Privacy Mode."   When people are discussing the finer points of the next Internet Explorer version's privacy and "stealth" features, it may be a good time to ask for basic technical assistance.
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Will I be able to install Internet Explorer 8 on top of Internet Explorer 7 which I just installed.Please respond to my email to my email address [redacted] asap. Thanks, Mr. Fritz [redacted]


"Feds Hit MS-13."   Young thug hopeful finds an article about Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13), a violent El Salvadorean gang, and thinks he may have found his in. Sadly for him, the article was posted on yuppie chain blog Bostonist...
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I wanna be a member of ms 13 so if any member read this please contact me at Peace homies.



Thought I’d share a phone call I got on Friday, as the conversation was so similar to the comments I usually post here, and it all started the same place — right here on the Internet.

male caller, 765 area code: *garbled*

me: I’m sorry?

caller: I’m calling about the 1995 Chrysler Sebring? Do you still have that?

me: (pauses, stunned) I sold that car in — no, I TOTALLED that car in 2003!

caller: Well, is it still for sale?

me: No, I TOTALLED it.

caller: Well, it was up on the Internet.

me: Honey, a lot of things are up on the Internet.


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Regular readers may note that I’ve let the Gumbaby blog go dark over the past few months. This is for two reasons. One, I need to work harder on producing the dissertation that’s coming out of this data. Two, I started to scrape the bottom of the barrel; most of the gumbabies I was finding were fan letters to celebrities (particularly Miley Cyrus. *sigh*) These mostly tend to be from very young kids, whose ignorance of the Internet makes a certain amount of sense, so it doesn’t make for that shiver of weirdness that surrounds so many gumbabies. The comments also get pretty tedious over time, which is actually one of the reasons they’re so easy to find; if you do a search for “your biggest fan” with some moderators to remove song lyrics, you find plenty of letters to Miley Cyrus. Or her fictional character, Hannah Montana. Anyway, I may revive regular posting in the future when I have more time.

But! I have also discovered Many Eyes, so I do have some more neat visualizations of the data for you.


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