"Movie: Holes."   Another personal blog which screaming teenagers mistook for a direct line to an actor...
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hey kleeo u are the HOTTEST guy i have seen and you are mine!!!!!!!!!!!


"Top Ten World’s Richest People 2007."   A simple Internet equation: Mention of the world's richest people = direct line to their ears.
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hi day i seen in newspaper tht lakshmi mittal earns 1,50,000 per minute.from tht day i started treating u as my into software domain im on my job takes nearly 6 months to get a job that to 10-20k per parents invested lot of money on me for my 22yrs old.. i want to stat a business im getting lot of ideas but how to start…how to get money….etc… can i work for 3-4 years and start business with my own money or ..? eventualluy i want to be your competitor.


"Oprah's E-Book Club."   British blogger/"44-year-old geek" John Robinson comments briefly on the re-launch of Oprah's e-book club, then quickly closes his comment thread as it gathers requests for Oprah's assistance.
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Pls I am a student of 18 yrs old . I am looking for help. I was touched watching some of her shows and so I decided to write her cos God revealed to me that I would be blessed through her.Pls try and send me her email address on the email I stated. Thanks while I wait for your favourable actions.

"Tyra Banks."   From the website's description: " is... a men's portal, designed to provide men with... subject matter that interests the general male population." From the article: "Sexiness: 90... [Tyra] is voluptuous and curvy in all the right spots, and do we love that. Her confidence on and off the runway lends her an I-could-destroy-you aura that could translate nicely to the bedroom."
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Hi Tyra, I have never written anything to a celebrity before but this is so important to all the women in America. I am so glad that you are standing up for change and letting the world know how beautiful women, such as yourself can be without being stick thin. Thank you for national attention to this issue.

"John Edward to speak to victims."   Pushby, a design collective, briefly notes (in English) that psychic John Edward will try to contact victims of 9/11. The 445 comments posted in response mostly address John Edward personally -- in Spanish.
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JOHN , soy de CHILE POR FAVOR, me gustaria k me respondieras.
My Mother is died, since two week.

Hola John, please. I need to know if it(he,she) sucks this one well and excuses me for everything. And if she(it) not this eonajada with me.
For that I hope that God exists because I was not with her(it) in the last one in the navidad for HIM(IT).

She was called Ana Plaza, I HER(IT) Love An ANGEL.
Always veiamos your program with her(it).


"Dean Kamen Profile."   Before Dean Kamen's secret transportation project had been revealed as the Segway, web design consultant and writer Neil Bruce Lee profiled the inventor.
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Attn: Dean Kaman
Do you travel to universities and speak to student populations? I have followed your work for several years and would really like to have more of a dialogue with you for public relations as I work at a university in Springfield, MO. Students here could really benefit from the motivation and direction you could offer.

What do you think. Please advise.


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