British comedian Tony Hawks toys with site visitors who have confused him with American pro skateboarder Tony Hawk; blogger Sean Bonner links to Hawks's site, and elicits the following comment.
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hey tony i was wondering if u could come to my birthday at eisenbergs in plano. iv already emailed you on yor fan club website. please please come. im ur biggest fan im serious its my tenth birthday and i really really want you to come. your the greatest if you do which you already are but if you dont i understand cause your probably bussy and all, but atleast email me back iv been working soooo hard to be as good as u but i cant even kickflip.your biggest fan, Graham

P.S.please write back for more info about it.
P.P.S. no hard feelings if you dont come, youll still be my favorite skater but please come preaty im having chocolate cake
P.P.P.S. didnt you go to ryan shecklers 6th birthday you go to alot of kids birthdays or is it really rare email address is [REDACTED] please write back to tell me.


"Tony Hawks Pro Emailer."   Text of the original post: "The difference between Tony Hawk, pro skater, and Tony Hawks, pro comedian, is lost on some people. Luckily Tony Hawks isn't one to suffer fools lightly."
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Tony ithink this is the fourth website iv emailed u on but please com to my birthday

"Tyra Banks."   In the wilds of a run-of-the-mill reality TV show fan forum, a fan asks Tyra Banks for help finding her father.
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Hi Tyra,

Ikonw i probly wont get help with this but its worth a shot so here i go. My name is victoria im form [redacted] South Carolina im also 19 years old and has never see or even talked to my father. I know his name and thats it i understand why every one wants to keep me from him, but for as long as i can remember ive always felt like somethings missing. The only reason why i thing he wouldn’t try to find me is that he realy doesnt eant me or either he scared to make the frist move after 19 years. How am i suppost to know who i really am if i dont know who i come from. I think every girl should at least have a chance to talk to her father at least once, Ive tried so hard to look for him myself but always came up with nothing. Tyra, if you could just help me find him it would mean everything to me i would give everything i have just to talk to him one time. Tyra please help me find him please.
Thank you

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