"The Grand Mufti Of Google."   Another case of mistaken identity hits the pages of the New York Times. This time, it's Qu'ranical.
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This e-mail with the pushy subject line was unlike any other I had received. “My friend, who lives in Sweden, wants to get married to a Swedish woman,” it began in Latinized Urdu. “But this marriage will be a fake marriage.” Tahir, the sender, explained that his friend was already married to a woman in Pakistan but wanted to marry a Swedish woman to obtain Swedish citizenship. Tahir’s friend wanted him to deliver fake Pakistani divorce papers by forging both his and his wife’s signatures. Oblivious to the forgery, the Swedes would allow Tahir’s friend to marry, putting the secret bigamist on a path to Swedish citizenship and all that it offered. I doubted that either of the women were privy to the elaborate scheme.

It was Tahir’s heedlessly narrow question at the end that surprised me the most: “If I forge the signatures on the divorce papers, will that really mean my friend will be divorced from his wife?” It was this small, rather arcane detail about God’s view of the marital bond that nagged his conscience — not the various international and domestic laws and criminal codes that he would break. “Would you do me a favor and resolve this problem?”


"How we work: Oscar Niemeyer, architect."   An ongoing series on work practices garners even more attention from people who think they can reach famous people through articles about them.
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Hi All,

This is my first blog… I am an Art + Drama teacher at a school in Nottingham.
I have been asked to research an art project for a Brazil theme week with the year 7 group ( 11-12 year olds).
I am enormously impressed by the work of Oscar Niemeyer and think that his work and ideals would be exciting and inspiring for my youngsters. Does anyone know if I can email his office to show the children’s work to the team, or to shout hello from 170 children to the great Oscar?

Thanks Lindsey [redacted]


"Talk: Progressive Education."   I don't mean to conjecture about his tolerance for laziness, but I suspect John Dewey may be spinning in his grave.
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i sorry i can’t discuss but im askng u to please explain educational progressivism. thank you very much

What are the benefit of Progressivism? Can u reply i need it for my assignment

"Review: Yahoo! Incorporated."   Perhaps posting your request for technical assistance as a review to the company which produces the service you're using will get you the response you want. I mean, it's got to work better than Yahoo! Answers, right?
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I ve been trying to get my web page started and i dont have a clue how to even start i have the pics that i want to show its some of my artwork some of the tattoos i have done where do I start..


"This guy really shouldn't be using a computer unsupervised."  
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please download firewall to my computer


"Feds Hit MS-13."   Young thug hopeful finds an article about Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13), a violent El Salvadorean gang, and thinks he may have found his in. Sadly for him, the article was posted on yuppie chain blog Bostonist...
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I wanna be a member of ms 13 so if any member read this please contact me at Peace homies.



Thought I’d share a phone call I got on Friday, as the conversation was so similar to the comments I usually post here, and it all started the same place — right here on the Internet.

male caller, 765 area code: *garbled*

me: I’m sorry?

caller: I’m calling about the 1995 Chrysler Sebring? Do you still have that?

me: (pauses, stunned) I sold that car in — no, I TOTALLED that car in 2003!

caller: Well, is it still for sale?

me: No, I TOTALLED it.

caller: Well, it was up on the Internet.

me: Honey, a lot of things are up on the Internet.


"Incredible story of the rescue of Jessica Lynch."   A blogger links to a story about the capture of Jessica Lynch, thereby earning himself the best wishes America had for the injured Army private.
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The very best of everything for you.  You are a very brave and courageous young lady.  I am retired after 30 years Army service and during that time I met many brave and courageous young men and women.  Your dedication to Duty, Honor and Country place you head and shoulders above the rest.  I sincerely hope you fully recover from your horrible wounds, both physical and mental, and go on with your dream to be a school teacher.  I would be proud to stand beside you in uniform, in any situation.  Gary Owen!


""I hate muslims"."   From the initial blog post: "No I don't [hate Muslims]. But some people do because they are typing that phrase into Google and ending up on . Which is rather worrying, since I don't remember having ever given the impression that people who think this way would find my site interesting."
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Kamil,In the Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, the Founders granted presidential rights to wave certain constitutional procedure in the interest of national security. [...] I also remind you that your right to a trial and lawyer exists only under American governance, which had its roots in the Christian-Judaeo faith. As an American your rights are derived from your country, not Islam.
Posted by: Responder at January 4, 2004 07:25 AM[...]um actually the same rights exist in europe and in north africa such as algeria i have been there and yes it is a muslim country and yes its a arab country and yes they have elections and yes they do have arrests and trials and lawyers and judges america isnt the only demcratic country in the world… u need to go to other countries be4 speakin none sense. how do explain algeria’s democratic state?
Posted by: kamil at January 4, 2004 07:33 AM


"Toys For Tots."   Once again, a short post on the vague, dead-link-addled FamilyFirst blog attracts pleas from the hopeless.
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i am single mom trying to get my kids something for xams in one time i said there was no god until i saw your web site on my computer so if you out there please help i have 3 kids e mail me or call me on my cellphone at [redacted] thanks. love yolanda.


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