"Children's Letters to Raven-Symone."   Eric D. Snyder maintains an email address which appears to be that of actress Raven-Symone, and posts the misbegotten email which comes streaming in. As he says, "we don’t mock their letters for being mis-sent. We mock them only for being illiterate and hilarious."
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hey raven why didn’t you e-mail me ? now i’am mad at you again. please e-mail me. this is your godchild remeber lemria elementry but now i’m in middle school in your home town. you came to my house .you probly forgot . cause it was like in 2007 in august. well bye. oh and my frien will e-mail you . and she will say hi i am you stocker. she just playing with you .


"Fantastic Four 2."   Sometimes wishes do come true. Maybe if you wish on a digital graphic of the cover from the second issue of Fantastic Four, and ask really nice, you will be able to meet the superheroes themselves (not just the actors, the SUPERHEROES).
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i am your biggest fan. can i see fantastic four in person?

see you their

you awesome and best and cool and do more effort.
fantastic four are best in whole wide wolrd.


"Bob's story about bees."   Josh at posts a funny anecdote about a friend who has to transport a colony of bees in an elevator. Happening upon the site, an 11-year-old who appears to be operating out of a secret supervillain hideout is angered by Josh's lack of hornet expertise.
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I am 11 and i will not tell you what state I am from.I killed 3 hornets nests with a stick.Hornets are hatching out of them and they think im there qeen.I do not want to get rid of them becuase haveing a hornet army will be cool.Could you please just give me some info and percausions?I would like to know how long after they are hatched(as adults of course)they learned to fly.If you do not know i understand. Thank you.


"Jamie Lynn Spears."   The post is in Czech. The title of the blog is Avril Lavigne. Does it stop people from writing letters to Britney Spears's younger sister? Not in the slightest -- they comment in English, Polish, German, Portuguese, Spanish...
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Britney was more eatuful than you.You maby good looking but britney was sexy

"tom kenny."   Cheesedip: "where lia bulaong obsesses about pop culture, technology, art, politics, and their various intersections." And fans think they can find Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants.
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hey i also need toms address, i am doing a report in skool, and i have recently desided 2 do my favorite cartoon… spongebob, and we need to interview an xpert on our topic… please… i know that that sounds pretty wierd a young girl wants to do a report on spongebob… but we can do n/e thing we wanted… i was going to do aids… but i desided not to, but my best friends are doing some on Fetis (when the half of a twin gets infected, and the baby becomes pregnant) she is going to interview a collage professor, and my other friend is doing hers on Teen pregnancy… she is going to interview her 16 year old cuzn who has a baby. see, this is alot of percent of our grade, and i really need to talk to Tom Kenny as a expert on my topic, and as a resorec.. so please and thankyou!!


"Strange bedfellows: AAPL, TRB and Hannah Montana."   Blogs are not the only websites being deluged with requests to reach celebrities. This comment from a Hannah Montana fan comes from a thread attached to a business article in the Baltimore Sun.
From Apple A Day, the Baltimore Sun's blog on Apple Inc. . Filed under: celebrity,youth —  Comments (0)
Hi Miley
Your show was Excelentay last night you always stsared at me and i have a crush o this boy calld Oliver Okan
I dont know how to spell it


"World Bank 2006 Essay Competition - Wanted: Your Practical Ideas!."   Blogger Tiara writes, "The World Bank has launched their annual Essay Competition for youths 18-25. This year’s topic is Wanted: Your Practical Ideas [for solving community problems]!" Tiara is not personally looking for ideas, but commenter batty_babe15 has a few helpful ideas in mind for essay topics.
From EducateDeviate . Filed under: international,youth —  Comments (1)
I recently wrote an essay about how the world will end and my 10th grade teacher thought it was really good but could be a lot better so if you want to you can use that idea

The supporting paragraphs were on war (nuclear and PMS), disease (AIDS, avian, bubonic plague), natural phenominon (global warming, ice age), and the supernatural (God, aliens, Hell freezing over and Zombies walking the earth)

You can use this or whatever but there it is…


"Can we talk about Avril Lavigne for a minute?."   "Opinions from two guys with neither perspective nor credibility" sums up most blogs. This particular blog appears to be written by guys recently out of high school, and, at least when philosophically pondering the trajectory of pop star Avril Lavigne, visited exclusively by nine-year-old female commenters.
From david dalpiaz dot com . Filed under: celebrity,help me,youth —  Comments (1)
hi avril im the shy girl that went to that free concert near metro town my mo was the one that said dont blame me if i fall on u because so many people were pushing i wonder where u are right now if i wish i was your friend im only 9 but i have all your songs on limewire im your biggest fan my phone number is [redacted] i want u to call me plz i live in canada in [um, REDACTED] i went to all your concerts i have all your cds and your kareoke cds the only thing i look for in the teen pop magazines is look for u your my fav singer i even have posters of u i own a restraunt named paliottis and if u came here u can have a free dinner i go to [jesus, kid, leave SOME information out] elementry and i would really want u to come because i went to your concerts well only if u came to [redacted] lol i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i wish i could meet u or go to your concert and get front row seats and vip passes that would be the bet day of my life o can u come to my bday its july 4th and i am like the suckiest kid in my class so it would be so awsome if u could come to my birthday and sing i would be the most popular kid in the class and theres this guy i really want to impress his name is jake and i really like him and he would really like me if u came plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz pppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i love u and your songs and your husband is so lucky to be with u bye you rock

"Pictures of Britney Spears Baby."   There are thousands of low-rent blogs about celebrities out there, scouring the web and other media for gossip. Each one of them at times seems to present a direct line to celebrities. This one offered pictures of Britney Spears's new baby.
From Waleg Celebrities . Filed under: celebrity,help me,information seeking,youth —  Comments (1)
brittany Im realie nervas abot the baby please send me pictures!!!!
by courtney [redacted]


"An Email from the Michael Jordan of Economics."   Kids, "The Michael Jordan of Economics" isn't actually Michael Jordan. Bloggers, it's kind of stupid to use celebrity names as blog post titles. OK, everyone?
From Truck and Barter . Filed under: celebrity,youth —  Comments (0)
My name is Corey [REDACTED], I am 17 years old and i live in Bloomington,Ill. Your are the best basketball player I have ever seen. You have set me to believe anything is possible even if it isn’t. My mom and my aunt told me that my very first two words that came out of my mouth was Michael Jordan. I have collected Everything that involves you including,posters, magazines, cards, books, I even have the movie Space Jam. I am addicted to Basketball and that is because you have showed me that basketball is life. You are My role Model and always will be even though you have retired. Ever since you left the Chicago Bulls they haven’t been anything. My dream is to be in the NBA and even though my mom doubts it I know that i can make it because you have built my set my self esteem to the moon and back. I have always wanted to go to a NBA game but i doubt that will happen because i live in bloomington and my mom has to take care of 4 other kids. I have always wanted to see you in person even if you are retired. My number one wish is to get an autograph from you that would be the greatest thing in my life. I am so addicted to Basketball that i sleep with one. I also sleep with your cards right next to me. If i could talk to you over the phone i would be so happy. I have been playing basketball on a team for 13 years and i will never stop. I also wish that you come back to the NBA because your the main act like a clown at a circus. You mean so much to me even though i don’t= know you but I am the biggest fan in the world of you. I play basketball outside everyday for about 4-5 hours pretending like I am in the NBA and maybe someday i will be. I play in the snow, rain, 100 degreez weather because i love basketball. My first tatoo will be the jumpman sign because i believe that it represents you. There will never be another person on this earth that is as good as you. My phone number is [REDACTED...].
Your biggest fan Corey [REDACTED] P.S. Could you please call me or send me an Autograph I would be the happiest person in the world.

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