"Dear Alan Iverson."  
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i am your biggest fan from bosnia i live in the biggest motherfucker ghetto that you can imagine,everything that i got is street basket and you are my inspiration.


"Knock First."   So it turns out that there's more than one Wikipedia talk page where people have tried to contact celebrities or TV shows...
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Hi my name is crystal. i would like to have my room made over because my room is never organized at all every thing is mainly like all over the place. I am in a couple of sports basketball, and softball as well and i enjoy them both. What can i say about my self i am mostly quiet unless i know you then i can be very out going and loud. I love to write poems. i would like to turn my room into a more grown up room. so there is not kiddy stuff any more, except for my care bears i can not live with out my care bears. And shane West i am a huge fan of his my dream in life is to meet him personaly. When i moved into the basement my parents made my room and all it is about is them and nothing to do about me at all. Yes i do have a boy friend we have been dating for a while now and we are vary happy with each other. i want to also make my room look a little more romantic as well. samantha, and crystal are like my two best friends . And i could never live with out my cat lucky she is like a person to me. i know i probably sound like a dork but you cna ask any of my friends i need a new room just to chill and also my boy friend will agree wiht you also. And i will be a senior this year and after i graduate i am goign to college and i am so exciting to be graduating.well i hope this helps yousincerly yours,crystal


"Yay Me Staring (sic) London Tipton.Com."   The blogger describes the site thusly: "TechBanyan... is my endeavor dedicated to profiling Current Affairs and Popular Trends in United States of America. This site intends to keep a finger on the pulse of the nation and whats driving it any given season." A second-grader checks in on what's driving the pulse of the nation from her mom's room.
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Dear London Tipton,I love your web show so much!!! I am wicked sick!!!I have two dogs named Shorty ad Pugsley.I am in my moms room right now.My mom is tacking a nap on the coutch right now.My brothers Angelo and Joshua are at school right now.Angelo is in 5th Grade and Joshua is in 3rd Grade.Angelo is in Mrs.Browers class and Joshua is in Mrs.blaras class.I am in 2nd teachers name is Linda [redacted].


"Avril Lavigne Looks Drag."   Advice for Avril Lavigne left on a style site criticizing the singer.
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your nothing but a lil try hard skank

f you want people want to like you den my advice would be to go back to those old days when you were a tom boi coz i have personally heard better comments about then than what i have now days and you dont need that much make up on

"Feds Hit MS-13."   Young thug hopeful finds an article about Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13), a violent El Salvadorean gang, and thinks he may have found his in. Sadly for him, the article was posted on yuppie chain blog Bostonist...
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I wanna be a member of ms 13 so if any member read this please contact me at Peace homies.


""I hate muslims"."   From the initial blog post: "No I don't [hate Muslims]. But some people do because they are typing that phrase into Google and ending up on . Which is rather worrying, since I don't remember having ever given the impression that people who think this way would find my site interesting."
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Kamil,In the Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, the Founders granted presidential rights to wave certain constitutional procedure in the interest of national security. [...] I also remind you that your right to a trial and lawyer exists only under American governance, which had its roots in the Christian-Judaeo faith. As an American your rights are derived from your country, not Islam.
Posted by: Responder at January 4, 2004 07:25 AM[...]um actually the same rights exist in europe and in north africa such as algeria i have been there and yes it is a muslim country and yes its a arab country and yes they have elections and yes they do have arrests and trials and lawyers and judges america isnt the only demcratic country in the world… u need to go to other countries be4 speakin none sense. how do explain algeria’s democratic state?
Posted by: kamil at January 4, 2004 07:33 AM


"HANNAH MONTANA! HANNAH MONTANA!."   Famous last words from the blogger: "you guys realize she doesn’t post here, right? and that she’s a fictional character? but more importantly, this is not a way to contact her directly."
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Ok all you posers wanna be’s biggest hannah montana fan well you don’t know me i have 22 peices of hannah montana candy my bed room is totally full of hannah montana posters and my bed is hannah montana and so is my t.v everything in my bedroom is miley/hannah

i live in tennessee where miley is at right now shooting her movie. i met her again at our mall (the grand old opry mall in nashville tennessee) people that think i didnt met her tell me when i care which is never

im her biggest fan i have exsacly 10 items in hannah montana clothes her purse and backpack and her video game on the wii.her pens and notebooks and ascessiories. i know every single one of her songs and her new songs like 7things.

i am her biggest fan dont say that you are okay ^_^ good


"Miley Cyrus on CrunchGear."   The editors of CrunchGear, a blog about tech gadgets, had their suspicions that pop star Miley Cyrus was posting on one of their articles. Eventually they decided the poster was a fraud, but commenters started writing fan letters to Miley anyway.
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miley you know me [redacted] your biggest fan i have your wig i am getting everything of you but one thing i dont have
so one day i would really like to meet you in person but in Nashville and i am really fun to hang out i mite be 11 but i am turning 12 .so if you would like to chat with me please call [redacted] but please call me beacuse i really want to play on one of your shows thats one way i can meet you bye know xoxoxo. Luv ya miley cyrus remeber i will always be your biggest me please


"On David Blaine."   British tech-blogger Ian Betteridge links to a screed about magician David Blaine in hopes that people will think less highly of the man. Sadly, the Internet does not click through, and even thinks Blaine can cure chronic disease.
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i’m from bulgaria.i have multiple sclerosis/ms/and i cann’t walk.dear david [blaine],would you help me,would you get me start to walk.


"See Hannah Montana mania touch down on Long Island."   Newsday's business blog calls down the maelstrom of Miley Cyrus fans by describing the marketing strategy of a recent concert of hers.
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Dear;Hannah Montana i am your biggest fan and so is my cousin favorite song of your is “who said” and my cousin taylors favorite song of your is “see you again”.your the best popstar or super star or whatever you are in the intire world.


your biggest fan kayla and taylor

‘PS: love yah love yah show”


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