"The iOS7 thing.."   Sasha Agapov mocks Apple designer Jony Ive's choices. A commenter arrives and addresses her own concerns to Ive.
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Dear Mr. Ive,

I am so disappointed with iOS 7. It is difficult for my 65 year old eyes; it is difficult to use and very “cold” in appearance.

I am just an “ordinary user”. I loved iOS 6. Friendly,easy to use, easy to see.

And I find it very controlling that I had less than 2 days to go back to “6”. In life we often have more than one day to redo a mistake.

I found information to indicate you are a “minimalist”. That is fine in a private life; however, I find it questionable to impose your personal views on the rest of society via your design for iOS 7 without an ability to alter various aspects of “your program” to fit another lifestyle.

Sylvia Dunning
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"The Grand Mufti Of Google."   Another case of mistaken identity hits the pages of the New York Times. This time, it's Qu'ranical.
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This e-mail with the pushy subject line was unlike any other I had received. “My friend, who lives in Sweden, wants to get married to a Swedish woman,” it began in Latinized Urdu. “But this marriage will be a fake marriage.” Tahir, the sender, explained that his friend was already married to a woman in Pakistan but wanted to marry a Swedish woman to obtain Swedish citizenship. Tahir’s friend wanted him to deliver fake Pakistani divorce papers by forging both his and his wife’s signatures. Oblivious to the forgery, the Swedes would allow Tahir’s friend to marry, putting the secret bigamist on a path to Swedish citizenship and all that it offered. I doubted that either of the women were privy to the elaborate scheme.

It was Tahir’s heedlessly narrow question at the end that surprised me the most: “If I forge the signatures on the divorce papers, will that really mean my friend will be divorced from his wife?” It was this small, rather arcane detail about God’s view of the marital bond that nagged his conscience — not the various international and domestic laws and criminal codes that he would break. “Would you do me a favor and resolve this problem?”


"Firefox Input dashboard."   Bless you, Mozilla Firefox, for making your simple trouble-stream viewable by the general public. Score one more for proof that people will put just anything in a text box.
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You do your best to help all of us. The ones who do not know very much about computers. Such as: what am I dong and now where am I going. I was directed to this site when I asked Office Depot how to get adobe Flash Player installed. Now can you help me please?


"Body Bazaar: In the poorest countries of the world, kidneys mean cash."   Of all the topics you don't want to invite into your blog's comment threads, third-world organ harvesting should be at the top of your list. Webzine describes how eager Third World residents are to sell their organs for cash, turning their site into an instant magnet for tales of woe and offers of fresh human kidneys.
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Young teenage boy want to be a donor in Turkey or other country. I’m looking a private hospital to remove my body organs. e-mail: [redacted]

High I’m a guy from Russia. i am willing to help someone who needs a free donor organs (not one). I’d like to propose all my body (skin, arms, sexual organs and all other) for the transplantation. I’m a non smoker 25 yr. young man. My height is 165 cm and my weight is 53 kg. MY e-mail is: [redacted]

Free youth donor organs Handsome young boy 18 years old (height –167 cm, weight – 52 kg, Blood type – A 11+) has died during two months in private hospital from brain cancer. He propose internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, sexual organs (eggs), spleen, arms, legs, tongue, eyes, skin, blood, bones, intestines, skeleton for experiments, lips, sperm). All organs are free. This guy don’t have family and he want to distribute all his organs without payment. Ideal variant – offer from somebody to kill him in surgical room by injection and from naked body take out all organs in private hospital in another country or he can arrive in your place and give his body on table in morgue for breaking up. E-mail: [redacted]


"Oprah Winfrey: We will miss you."   In a recent post, the developers behind the web browser Opera recently shared, on the occasion of the last episode of her show, a number of emails directed to Oprah Winfrey which they had erroneously received.
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Dear Oprah,
It was brought to my attention by an aquaintance that if you add the age you will be this year to the last two digits of the year you were born, the sum would equal 111. I tried it for the family around me….and it works. I would really like to have an expert Numeralogist shed light on this coincidence. Do you think the number 111 has any significance? Can you use this on one of your shows? I’m asking you because I don’t know where else to ask such a question. Thank you, [redacted]


"Talk: Progressive Education."   I don't mean to conjecture about his tolerance for laziness, but I suspect John Dewey may be spinning in his grave.
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i sorry i can’t discuss but im askng u to please explain educational progressivism. thank you very much

What are the benefit of Progressivism? Can u reply i need it for my assignment

"Fox News heavies Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck bite back after White House dig – Daily News."   Your journalistic bylines and citations will not stop the Internet from trying to contact right-wing pundits on your blog.
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bill i watch your show every day and i like what you have to say to people, as far as i am concern your a yust and honest person you tell it as it is, without concernto what people say about you.
i have a heavy complaint about wells fargo bank, i have a credit card w/them for the last 3 yr i have been paying them religiously for the past 2 yrs without missing a beet , the monthly payment tht i am supposed to pay monthly is about $30.00 dollars A MONTH and i send $86.00 a month almost thripple the amount that i am supposed to pay.
they are charging me 20.99 % every month, and the other i called to reduced my rate to a lowered rate i have discuused with them 3 o 4 times to no avail.
finally i wrote a letter to headquarters and the response that they gave me was that because of adversed credit and b/k that i had filed 2 yrs ago they denied my request.
now i did not give them permission to pull my credit report , but my concern is tha if i did not take them down on my b/k what has my past credit have to do with anything if i have been paying them relegiously.
thankmr. OREYLY here is hoping that you give me an answer as nsoon as possible to my problem to see if i can get this rate reduced .
yours i remain
miguel [REDACTED]
818-[REDACTED] cell
818-[REDACTED] home
818-[REDACTED] fax
[REDACTED]@live .com e-mail


"The Ellen DeGeneres Giveaway at"   Yet another SEO news scraper site becomes the final resting place of comments to celebrities, trapped like giant sloths in the tar pits of the Internet.
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Hey Ellen,
I have watched you for years, and I am always cheered up when your on. I admire you so much for bringing your life struggles out to the public. I myself, am a transgendered male, 55 years old and finally feel good about myself. I just got this, my first computer, and am teaching myself how to use it. You waited till recently to learn some of this new technologies so I decided to give it a shot. It’s never too late! If your cash machine is ever near Leesburg Fl., I would love to play. Your friend forever,Ty


"This guy really shouldn't be using a computer unsupervised."  
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please download firewall to my computer


""Up"? More like down...."  
, by way of hard_of_hearing . Filed under: help me,technology —  Comments (0)
dvd came with a need for a code # to unlock parental control. how in the hell am i supose to know the # of the moron that install it? DVD IS USELESS. IHAVE LOST TIME TRAVEL;AND MONEY. pS YOUR SERVICE DEPT. SUCKS.


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