"Dear Alan Iverson."  
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i am your biggest fan from bosnia i live in the biggest motherfucker ghetto that you can imagine,everything that i got is street basket and you are my inspiration.


"How we work: Bill Murray, actor."   "Bill Murray has replaced an agent with a freephone number and an insistence upon asynchronous communication," begins this post from a design blog. Commenters do not realize that "asynchronous communication" does not include the comment thread of this blog.
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Hi Mr. Bill Murray,When my coworkers heard about your golfcart episode recently, they all laughed and looked at me. As teenagers, a few friends and I had taken a few golfcarts from St. Georges Golf Course in the mid-north west corner of Toronto and drove them downtown and back. Sure, we were drunk too. I got ratted out to the police by some pals whose party (and front lawns) we crashed with the carts. At one point I was “side-sliding” out onto a quite middle-of-the-night throughfare. Side-sliding is when you as going so fast on a corner that your golfcart tips onto its flat side, 90 degrees to the road, and you have to hold on tight and not laugh too much. when the cartrt slows down it usually falls back onto its wheels. Good times. My favourite movie of yours is Groundhog Day. Assholes and idiots should be forced to watch it until they understand the message within the movie. Next time you’re in Toronto, look me up. Cheers!

"Candace Parker."   Rick Klau is a Google employee who just so happens to be impressed with WNBA star Candace Parker's dunking skills. And so is a young man in San Antonio, TX.
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Candace im yout #1 fan and i love u SO MUCH!!!. Your so good and it dosent hurt that your sexy 2. Please email me or CALL ME!!!!

Hey Candace, its me again i hope u get Drafted to the San Antonio Stars so i can meet u and we can be in the same city! Well Love you candace hope 2 see you soon

my email is [redacted] so if you ever can email me plaese do and can u give it to shannon bobbit too shes cute but not as cute as you Love you Candace



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