"The Grand Mufti Of Google."   Another case of mistaken identity hits the pages of the New York Times. This time, it's Qu'ranical.
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This e-mail with the pushy subject line was unlike any other I had received. “My friend, who lives in Sweden, wants to get married to a Swedish woman,” it began in Latinized Urdu. “But this marriage will be a fake marriage.” Tahir, the sender, explained that his friend was already married to a woman in Pakistan but wanted to marry a Swedish woman to obtain Swedish citizenship. Tahir’s friend wanted him to deliver fake Pakistani divorce papers by forging both his and his wife’s signatures. Oblivious to the forgery, the Swedes would allow Tahir’s friend to marry, putting the secret bigamist on a path to Swedish citizenship and all that it offered. I doubted that either of the women were privy to the elaborate scheme.

It was Tahir’s heedlessly narrow question at the end that surprised me the most: “If I forge the signatures on the divorce papers, will that really mean my friend will be divorced from his wife?” It was this small, rather arcane detail about God’s view of the marital bond that nagged his conscience — not the various international and domestic laws and criminal codes that he would break. “Would you do me a favor and resolve this problem?”


"Friendly Ice Cream Corporation Corporate Office."   On a linkfarm page as barren as the Siberian steppe, Friendly's customers pour their hearts out about those great human themes: ice cream and customer service.
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In the ice cream cakes could Friendly’s Find why there’s a reduction on cookies in the center,it slants down on both sides before it’s reachs the edge…


"Talk: Progressive Education."   I don't mean to conjecture about his tolerance for laziness, but I suspect John Dewey may be spinning in his grave.
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i sorry i can’t discuss but im askng u to please explain educational progressivism. thank you very much

What are the benefit of Progressivism? Can u reply i need it for my assignment

"15 House Plants You Can Use As Air Purifiers."   Remember, kids: Just because Dr. Oz linked to the site doesn't mean he wrote it himself.
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I watch your show every day. It is like taking a college coarse. I learn so much.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful information.
I like all the non medical uses you give for different health problems.
Thank you for the 15 best house plants. I have some. Love plants so will


"Live coverage on Wikimapia."  
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i want to live o jadipani near chamba village,in india


"Maths/accounting help needed."   Blogger Tiara seeks accounting help. So do a number of commenters.
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i want to lean maths and accounting becuse is part of me,



Thought I’d share a phone call I got on Friday, as the conversation was so similar to the comments I usually post here, and it all started the same place — right here on the Internet.

male caller, 765 area code: *garbled*

me: I’m sorry?

caller: I’m calling about the 1995 Chrysler Sebring? Do you still have that?

me: (pauses, stunned) I sold that car in — no, I TOTALLED that car in 2003!

caller: Well, is it still for sale?

me: No, I TOTALLED it.

caller: Well, it was up on the Internet.

me: Honey, a lot of things are up on the Internet.


"Office Max."   A punk musician complains about being on hold at Office Max, never guessing that his blog would turn into a 750+ thread discussing labor practices at the company.
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Need information about employee’s rights after being terminating, when incident (forgot to pay for 1-can of soda) happened a year ago, but they terminated the person a year later, plus bugging management about, when trying for a job transfer to a different city and them telling a person they cannot get there one year vacation paid out when they got terminated.
Just getting the runaround thru the Corp. Office. Hopefully someone out there can help me finding the laws/employee’s rights etc, etc, or even a handbook on this all..
Please help me!!


""   A blogger discovers a renaissance in Christian website design, particularly on Commenters discover that using as a post title makes your blog look an awful lot like to a search engine.
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Is it wrong too have pictures of angles an figureines in your home? We have them in our home. Our cousin says its wrong to have them in your home. She said it worshiping them not Jesus. I disagree.


"Attack Trends: 2004 and 2005."   On Bruce Schneier's blog, discussions about computer security are usually focused, insightful, and circumspect. But the rest of the Internet is scattered, naive, and frustrated with itself...
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i don’t get it- i need help with my homework!!!!!!!!! i don’t care what you expect i care about the history of viruses and UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!!


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