"Attack Trends: 2004 and 2005."   On Bruce Schneier's blog, discussions about computer security are usually focused, insightful, and circumspect. But the rest of the Internet is scattered, naive, and frustrated with itself...
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i don’t get it- i need help with my homework!!!!!!!!! i don’t care what you expect i care about the history of viruses and UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU MEAN!!!!!!


"Common Lisp The Speech Impediment."   Lemonodor is described as "a mostly Lisp weblog." Unfortunately, the blogger does little to make it clear to the assembled masses that he means Lisp the programming language, not lisp the speech impediment.
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i recently had a flu viral infection. lasted 5 days. after which i found that i had aqquired a lisp in my speech. i just had extensive medical studies done; cat scan, MRI, x-rays,neck ultra sound. a speech pathologist found no organic causes. i converse verbally for my living, and i am most distressed about this problem. anyone heard of this happening so suddenly before?


"RFC959 - File Transfer Protocol."   How does the FTP Internet protocol work? You could go to's RFC page to find out. Only problem is, most of the people who show up there just want to be sent Java code to make FTP work in their programs.
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necesito una enciclopedia

i want to know ftp server/client


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