"I asked David Shuster to investgate waste in Connecticut.."   The title is a Twitter post; the blogger posts some terse and disorganized notes about his request to an investigative journalist, bringing on the inevitable caps lock problems among commenters.
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David I watch your show every day i love it when you set republicans straitwhen they quote our president wrong.I am so tired of there tired message no and tax breaks.They had it for 8 year and it didn’t work and it’s time for something new.Our president seems to be on the right track. lETS GIVE HIM A CHANCE.i HOPE YOU NEVER HAVE tOM dElAY AS YOUR GUEST.mR mATTHEW HAD HIM ON HIS SHOW HE WAS PART OF OUR PROBLEM NOW. hE WAS A CROOK AND NEVER SHOULD BE PROPED UP HE JUST NOT WORTH OUR TIME. gOOD LUCK WITH YOUR SHOW I ENJOY WATCHING YOU ARE ONE OH THE HONEST REPORTER.


"Ken Jennings Jeopardy run."   J Random Blogger on a gadgets blog posts about the unstoppable winning streak of Jeopardy contestant Ken Jennings. Surprisingly, nobody asks him for money, but plenty of people show up to wish Jennings well.
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hehehehehehehehehehehehe Ken hehehehehehe
Now you are rich :D


"Yay Me Staring (sic) London Tipton.Com."   The blogger describes the site thusly: "TechBanyan... is my endeavor dedicated to profiling Current Affairs and Popular Trends in United States of America. This site intends to keep a finger on the pulse of the nation and whats driving it any given season." A second-grader checks in on what's driving the pulse of the nation from her mom's room.
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Dear London Tipton,I love your web show so much!!! I am wicked sick!!!I have two dogs named Shorty ad Pugsley.I am in my moms room right now.My mom is tacking a nap on the coutch right now.My brothers Angelo and Joshua are at school right now.Angelo is in 5th Grade and Joshua is in 3rd Grade.Angelo is in Mrs.Browers class and Joshua is in Mrs.blaras class.I am in 2nd teachers name is Linda [redacted].


"Hannah Montana Gift Ideas."   "Buy Hannah Montana tickets! They make a great gift for friend or family!" enthuses this blog with no apparent connection whatsoever to the popular teen idol.
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I have a 5-year old step-daughter that is dying to see your show. We live in Houston and your rodeo tickets are all sold out. Is there any way we can get tickets to your Houston show?


"Bro Eddie's Chance."   Even Philippino televangelists get the (gumbaby) blues. A Pinoy blogger voices his support for a candidate, and commenters mistake the messenger for the message.
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myself, family and my group are all for you bro. eddie

"Avril Lavigne Looks Drag."   Advice for Avril Lavigne left on a style site criticizing the singer.
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your nothing but a lil try hard skank

f you want people want to like you den my advice would be to go back to those old days when you were a tom boi coz i have personally heard better comments about then than what i have now days and you dont need that much make up on

"instantET: The "Entertainment Tonight" TV."   TV show Entertainment Tonight launches a Windows widget; blogger comments; a trillion commenters take the opportunity to complain about how they don't like ET but can't find an email address for the show. And one Canadian voices some international relations gripes, hoping that ET can smooth over tensions.
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Today there was a school shooting in Montreal, Quebec. Up here in Canada the radio and news are covering the event. So far 2 people have died. I’m writing on this board because CNN only had information on their website but they continue to ignore the incident. Not once did they mention it on tv.

I find this a disgrace and this is a prime example as to why some Canadians feel like Americans ignore us in critical times. Just last week Canadians were killed by friendly fire by Americans and we forgive you. It’s no one’s fault. But then something like this happens and it just makes us feel like you don’t care.

SO…this is a great opportunity for someone like ET to step up and show some class. Report on this issue and people who don’t normally watch ET will. It’ll show you have a lot more layers than just being a celebrity gossip show.

And if you don’t find that Important enough…here’s some gossip:

Ontario has a no-smoking indoors policy and it’s been made law now. SO far, everyone has been okay with it. Smokers just wait and smoke outside. HOwever, during the TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL this rule has been broken. And who broke it? None other than SEAN PENN.

It may seem like a silly rule to you but to me, a person who’s sister had cancer twice, I know how serious something like this is. THere’s an overwhelming amount of research saying that second hand smoke kills. Even a few exposures causes damage. So when I hear that SEAN PENN has broken the law (even for smoking) and more so, he’s not been charged, it makes me sick. i DON’T care if he’s a celebrity, rich or famous. He broke the law and should be charged.

I’m so sick and tired of people feeling ‘sorry’ for celebrities or treating them like gods. They’re not above the law.


"HANNAH MONTANA! HANNAH MONTANA!."   Famous last words from the blogger: "you guys realize she doesn’t post here, right? and that she’s a fictional character? but more importantly, this is not a way to contact her directly."
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Ok all you posers wanna be’s biggest hannah montana fan well you don’t know me i have 22 peices of hannah montana candy my bed room is totally full of hannah montana posters and my bed is hannah montana and so is my t.v everything in my bedroom is miley/hannah

i live in tennessee where miley is at right now shooting her movie. i met her again at our mall (the grand old opry mall in nashville tennessee) people that think i didnt met her tell me when i care which is never

im her biggest fan i have exsacly 10 items in hannah montana clothes her purse and backpack and her video game on the wii.her pens and notebooks and ascessiories. i know every single one of her songs and her new songs like 7things.

i am her biggest fan dont say that you are okay ^_^ good


"Richard Branson."   The president of a corporation, elliptically referring to an earlier post in which he patted an employee on the back, inadvertently opens the sluice gates and welcomes seekers of billionaire Richard Branson into his comment thread
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trading in bio-fuels in the hope to cut air pollution made by fossile fuels. CO2 must be worked on in a much harder form. I am set in dedicating my life to the reduction of GHG via means of introducing SVO into the engines of power generation and machinery. Of course I need help, who doesn’t. This time we live in will see the changes of energy production turn.
All I want is to build my empier, and keep it running for the future generations of Great Grand kids and longer.
Once the show is up and running, it will be time to bring out the book of ideas and inventions gathered during those smoggy nights down the squat.
Better myself by growing and rising the connections here are too far to write.
So I stay, eyes closing at a flicker. Time to click on that red square with the white circle and line,.,.,.,.goodnight .,.,.,.,.,
From a Place called Tokyo where the hours are ahead. But the education system behing , to a certain extent that is


"SOT : Kasey Chambers new website."   It's the ages-old story: Blogger reviews the web design of celebrity website; blogger receives comments intended for celebrity.
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to kasey i am your biggest fan ever and i opened up an email address just so i could recieve may be a letter from you, i can really relate to your music and always have ever since i first heard one of your songs back in i think “97″. the song was the captain, ive always wanted to meet you,and maybe sing a song with you oneday. i was woundering if oneday maybe you could do a concert in millmerran qld sunshine coast! you just dont know how your music makes me feel,its peace to my mind and takes my pain away,plz write back ill be waiten for you to return an email, your biggest fan ever and always will be.

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