"The iOS7 thing.."   Sasha Agapov mocks Apple designer Jony Ive's choices. A commenter arrives and addresses her own concerns to Ive.
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Dear Mr. Ive,

I am so disappointed with iOS 7. It is difficult for my 65 year old eyes; it is difficult to use and very “cold” in appearance.

I am just an “ordinary user”. I loved iOS 6. Friendly,easy to use, easy to see.

And I find it very controlling that I had less than 2 days to go back to “6”. In life we often have more than one day to redo a mistake.

I found information to indicate you are a “minimalist”. That is fine in a private life; however, I find it questionable to impose your personal views on the rest of society via your design for iOS 7 without an ability to alter various aspects of “your program” to fit another lifestyle.

Sylvia Dunning
Sent from my iPad


"Oprah Winfrey: We will miss you."   In a recent post, the developers behind the web browser Opera recently shared, on the occasion of the last episode of her show, a number of emails directed to Oprah Winfrey which they had erroneously received.
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Dear Oprah,
It was brought to my attention by an aquaintance that if you add the age you will be this year to the last two digits of the year you were born, the sum would equal 111. I tried it for the family around me….and it works. I would really like to have an expert Numeralogist shed light on this coincidence. Do you think the number 111 has any significance? Can you use this on one of your shows? I’m asking you because I don’t know where else to ask such a question. Thank you, [redacted]


"How we work: Oscar Niemeyer, architect."   An ongoing series on work practices garners even more attention from people who think they can reach famous people through articles about them.
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Hi All,

This is my first blog… I am an Art + Drama teacher at a school in Nottingham.
I have been asked to research an art project for a Brazil theme week with the year 7 group ( 11-12 year olds).
I am enormously impressed by the work of Oscar Niemeyer and think that his work and ideals would be exciting and inspiring for my youngsters. Does anyone know if I can email his office to show the children’s work to the team, or to shout hello from 170 children to the great Oscar?

Thanks Lindsey [redacted]


"Fox News heavies Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck bite back after White House dig – Daily News."   Your journalistic bylines and citations will not stop the Internet from trying to contact right-wing pundits on your blog.
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bill i watch your show every day and i like what you have to say to people, as far as i am concern your a yust and honest person you tell it as it is, without concernto what people say about you.
i have a heavy complaint about wells fargo bank, i have a credit card w/them for the last 3 yr i have been paying them religiously for the past 2 yrs without missing a beet , the monthly payment tht i am supposed to pay monthly is about $30.00 dollars A MONTH and i send $86.00 a month almost thripple the amount that i am supposed to pay.
they are charging me 20.99 % every month, and the other i called to reduced my rate to a lowered rate i have discuused with them 3 o 4 times to no avail.
finally i wrote a letter to headquarters and the response that they gave me was that because of adversed credit and b/k that i had filed 2 yrs ago they denied my request.
now i did not give them permission to pull my credit report , but my concern is tha if i did not take them down on my b/k what has my past credit have to do with anything if i have been paying them relegiously.
thankmr. OREYLY here is hoping that you give me an answer as nsoon as possible to my problem to see if i can get this rate reduced .
yours i remain
miguel [REDACTED]
818-[REDACTED] cell
818-[REDACTED] home
818-[REDACTED] fax
[REDACTED]@live .com e-mail


"15 House Plants You Can Use As Air Purifiers."   Remember, kids: Just because Dr. Oz linked to the site doesn't mean he wrote it himself.
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I watch your show every day. It is like taking a college coarse. I learn so much.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful information.
I like all the non medical uses you give for different health problems.
Thank you for the 15 best house plants. I have some. Love plants so will


"The Ellen DeGeneres Giveaway at"   Yet another SEO news scraper site becomes the final resting place of comments to celebrities, trapped like giant sloths in the tar pits of the Internet.
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Hey Ellen,
I have watched you for years, and I am always cheered up when your on. I admire you so much for bringing your life struggles out to the public. I myself, am a transgendered male, 55 years old and finally feel good about myself. I just got this, my first computer, and am teaching myself how to use it. You waited till recently to learn some of this new technologies so I decided to give it a shot. It’s never too late! If your cash machine is ever near Leesburg Fl., I would love to play. Your friend forever,Ty


"What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?."   asks blogger Simon Kapenda, but international commenters don't care. She just makes them so happy...
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Hi Ellen

I just want to say “Thank you so much” for all the wonderful things you do and all the love you give to people!!

2009, has been the WORST YEAR in my Life, but I sit and watch your show almost every day, and just cry. To think there are still people in this world that do so much good for others!!!

We immegrated from South Africa to Australia in 2007 as there were Land Claims on our Farms, so there was no future for our children as far as farming is concerned, life is not easy here, specially us South African’s being so spoilt.

My most adorable father (my Hero) took ill in January 2009, it broke my heart not being there all the time for him, he sadly passed away on the 23 July 2009, 1 and half weeks of being back in Australia my father in law had a massive heart attack, so back we went to South Africa to go and support him. Thank goodness God was good to us and the Drs pulled him through.

Just being back again 2 weeks, my daughters father in law passed away from a massive heart attack. The sad thing is they had just had a Baby Boy (Pieter) and named him after Grandpa, who fortunately saw him just after birth, but they were going to spend Christmas with them in South Africa so that they could get to know Pieter better.

My Son and his wife were expecting their 2nd Baby, but she miss carried at 8 weeks, which was traumatic for all of us!!!

But the wonderful thing is Ellen, when I sit and watch your show, and hear the people appauld you, and you give it back to them, it feels as if your energy comes to me as well!!! I love the way you dance and how you chuckle!!! I am no celeb, but it would be the biggest priviledge to be able to be and see you life!!!! So how about taking a trip to Perth Australia, so that I can just shake your hand and thank you for bringing some much JOY into my life every day!!!!!

God Bless you and once again thank you.

Fondest Regards
Celia [redacted]


"Dear Alan Iverson."  
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i am your biggest fan from bosnia i live in the biggest motherfucker ghetto that you can imagine,everything that i got is street basket and you are my inspiration.


"Taylor Lautner Fan Letter To Universal: Your Wolfman Ripped Off Twilight."  
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To whom this may concern:This movie was a complete waste and I feel that it offends ALL Twilight Fans around the world, that including myself. For one, it was a COMPLETE remaking of the Wolf Pack from the Twilight Saga: New Moon. It gives the werewolves a bad name and makes them look like some deformed mutation of a rabid dog. I actually started to like werewolves after seeing Jacob Black and all his awesomeness on the big screen at the movies. That was until I saw your crappy remake of what you call to be a “were wolf”. I don’t see how you live with yourself for making it the way you did. If I made this movie, I would be ashamed to even admit that I owned it. How can a werewolf be killed with a silver bullet? Better yet, have you saw the transformation of the man that is “supposed” to be the wolf? He sits in some chair and his entire body turns in to some mutated freak. If you would watch the transformation of Jacob Black, (Taylor Lautner) he doesn’t come close to looking as fake, cheap and or mutated as the wolf man. You tell me, who looks to be the better werewolf. Your stupid Wolf Movie didn’t even make the top Movie for the charts; Valentines Day WITH TAYLOR Lautner! Get that this is MY oppinion and I felt I wanted to express it because I saw that your email was on your site. I wanted to let you know this is what i thought of the wolf man that sucks.

The Poser of who could never be even if they tried : ” Aka : Rabid poser Werewolf “The Wolf Man”
OR My favorite: Taylor Daniel Lautner aka Jacob Black

Regards: Kayla [redacted] (kayla—-@—–.com) Feel free to reply


"Sammy Case."   How about Wikipedia? I bet nobody's tried that before -- using Wikipedia to get in touch with a celebrity. Let's give that a try with a gay porn star.
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meeting sammy

I would love to meet Sammy one day maybe we would hit it off and who knows….love finds u in weird places. and shoud sammy wish to say something to me yahoo would be best dgc102169


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